Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Evaluation Question 5

One place that is mentioned in this book is the airport that they are at in the begining of the story. You read about the whole team saying good bye to their loved ones, obviously not knowing what is going to happen. Another place is the Andes Moutains, which a majority of the story takes place in. They are stranded on the mountain for ten weeks, many events happen here.

Book Evaluation Question 4

The most important person (in my opinion) in the book is Roberto Canessa. Roberto Canessa was one of the two survivors to walk out of the cordillera to find help for the other survivors. Along with Fernando (his close friend), he hiked for ten days over multiple mountains to find civilization and help for everyone. He has the characteristics of a true hero, he perservered many times when other people would have just given up. He was not selfish, he wanted to be the one to get everyone out. You can definitely tell that throughout the whole novel.

Book Evaluation Question 3

The title of this novel is Alive, because it is a story about the 16 men that survived a plane crash in the Andes Mountains. They were stranded for 72 days, and survived many odds againist them.

Book Evaluation Question 2

The author of this book is Piers Paul Read. Read is a Britsh Novelist, and non-fiction writer. He was born Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. He went to college at Amploeforth, which really got him into writing novels, he also went to St. John's College. He worked on different novels thorughout his college career, such as Ablaze Story of Chernobyl and Alice in Exile. He now lives in London with his family.

Book Evaluation Question 1

Read, Piers Paul. Alive. New York: HarperCollins , 2002. Print.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why I Write- Post 2

The essay I found was about how a woman thought that writing would never be in her future, because she hated it in highschool. Then she get older and discovered that she absolutely loved to write. It was "Why I Write" by CJ Omololo.

Why I Write- Post 1

"Why I Write" by Williams made me think about how many opportunities that you have to write. You could look at an object, or a person, and a write a whole paragraphy or story about it. She also explains why she writes, which is many different instances. Any emotion that you can feel, you can write about.