Monday, February 27, 2012

Life As We Knew It: Book Evaluation

1.  Identify a position (5)
2.  Explain your criteria, application, reasoning for your position with quoted evidence as support. Please indicate the page number of your quote in parenthesis following the quote. (10)
3.  Explain the position of the opposition and provide counterargument.  (10)

       While reading Life As We Knew It, I reall felt that I could relate to Miranda, the young teenage girl in the story. The family talked about in the story was an average family living in Pennsylvania, a mom and her three kids. Throughout the book, they face many challenges that are uncommon to people living in our country right now. Life As We Knew It was an excellent book.

       My criteria for a book that I read is usually something that I can relate to in some way. The teenage girl, Miranda, has two best friends, a love interest, a mom and dad, and siblings. She is on the swim team at schoolo and obsesses over a hot male figure skater from her home town. All aspects of her life relate to mine in someway. Which is one of the reasons that I though this book and was really great. "I love you, too," I said and I ran away from her, away from her house, without even saying good bye to her mother. I got back on my bike and road straight home. I probably burned off three days' worth of calories, I rode so fast." (pg 164) This passage seemed real to me, under the conditions she was in.

"I'm keeping thos journal for myself so I can always rememeber life as we knew it, life as we know it, for a time when I am no longer in the sun room." pg 337

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book Evaluation; Semester 2, Question 2

I actually selected this book because Rachel had read it in Mr. Jackson's class first semester and told me about it. The topic of the book seemed interesting to me, I hate reading boring books which I have no interest in. She told me that the book takes you through the entire investigation, and shows it to you from a different point of view than the average person would look at it from.

Book Evaluation; Semester 2, Question 1

Lawson Erik. "The Devil in the White City" New York, New York. Crown Publishers. February 2004.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The best thing I learned last semester is...

The best thing that I learned last semester is the strategy of using rhectorical devices to analyze readings. While going through an article or piece of writing, it is much easier to understand it after if you make notes in the margins (about rhetorical devices) about what is really means or important facts. Also, annotating properly which helps you understand the text much better.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book Evaluation Question 5

One place that is mentioned in this book is the airport that they are at in the begining of the story. You read about the whole team saying good bye to their loved ones, obviously not knowing what is going to happen. Another place is the Andes Moutains, which a majority of the story takes place in. They are stranded on the mountain for ten weeks, many events happen here.

Book Evaluation Question 4

The most important person (in my opinion) in the book is Roberto Canessa. Roberto Canessa was one of the two survivors to walk out of the cordillera to find help for the other survivors. Along with Fernando (his close friend), he hiked for ten days over multiple mountains to find civilization and help for everyone. He has the characteristics of a true hero, he perservered many times when other people would have just given up. He was not selfish, he wanted to be the one to get everyone out. You can definitely tell that throughout the whole novel.